Important Tips For Your Wedding Day

As time quickly approaches for your wedding, it sometimes can be easy to lose track of the most important things, especially fully enjoying your wedding day. These are some important tips for your wedding day that I like to stress to my couples to ensure things can run as smoothly as possible.

Relax. You hired the pros!

You spent countless time planning and toiling over all the details. But remember one simple thing; you hired professional wedding vendors. Make sure they have all the information necessary so they can take care of things and manage the stress of the day. You have but one thing to do; ENJOY THE DAY!

Allow lots of extra time on your wedding day

Wherever you can allow for extra time.  Think it will take you an hour to get ready?  Give yourself two! Try to incorporate extra time everywhere you go and if you find yourself done with time to spare those breaks and gaps will be a welcome chance for you to relax, breathe and take it all in.

Choose an unplugged ceremony or even reception

There is nothing more distracting than to look back at your guests that have invited to your special day and see a sea of phones and tablets trying to capture the moment. Choose to have an unplugged wedding, at least at the ceremony, so people can really enjoy the day and not get in the way of your professionals you’ve hired to capture the day.

This happens way too often. Cell phones at a ceremony.

Leave your cell phone to someone you trust

It may sound like blasphemy but the cell phone can be such a huge distraction. Give your cell phone to your parents, your Maid of Honor/Best Man, or someone you trust and let them be your secretary for the day.

Eat! Eat! Eat!

I stress to my couples that not only is it important to sit back and eat the delicious food you selected for your wedding but it’s a matter of your health. The adrenaline is pumping and as quickly as things go you skip out on the hors-d’oeuvres. It’s now dinner and all your guests are hitting you up for a conversation. You barely grab a bite to eat and next thing you know you are on the dance floor. Then you pass out. I’ve had it happen enough in the past where I really stress to my couples to make sure you eat. If you have to go find a place to hide for even a few minutes and eat in peace, do so. Enjoy your food and stay healthy during this whirlwind day.

Visit the “important” tables first

A lot of couples want to do the “right thing” and visit each table at their wedding reception.  The problem is that visiting 10, 20 or more tables can take a very long time! Before you know it, you only have 45 minutes until the end of the party and your wedding day is over.

Rather than visit every table be mindful of the tables where your immediate relatives and older guests will be seated. Try to focus on those guests first, especially the older guests who may not stay as long. If time runs short you can skip the rest of the tables since the majority of your friends will meet you at the bar and on the dance floor.

Stop and “take a moment” throughout the day

It’s really easy to get caught up in the rush of your wedding day.  Before you know it, it’s the last call.

Grab your honey throughout the day and night and steal a quiet moment.  Lookout at the party, look over at your guests and absorb the moment. Take it all in. Remind yourselves that this is really happening. These moments will help you remember how amazing your wedding day was.

Tips for your wedding day

I hope you’ve enjoyed these insider tips for your wedding day!  I’ve gathered them from my own experience, the advice of past brides and other wedding professionals. Now get ready to enjoy your day! It will be here before you know it!

DJ Lou Paris

Lou Paris has been DJing since 1988 and has a deep passion for music of all styles and genres and became a wedding DJ in 2012. Coincidentally, Lou is also a successful 25+ year IT professional and has merged many technology concepts to ensure a successful night of entertainment. Click here to learn more about Lou’s background or inquire about my DJ services.