Wedding Must Play Songs

Many people feel a certain infinity towards music. Be it a song they grew up with, or something that happened at a point in time that makes it timeless. And this passion for songs can help create the foundation for an awesome playlist for your wedding songs. However, some people can take it overboard and put 50, 60, 100, I’ve gotten lists of over 500 wedding must play songs and sometimes an equal amount of Do Not Play on their list. This can lead to the DJ noting being able to work their magic throughout the day.

But what should be, and shouldn’t be on the lists? How many? What about whole genres? Well let’s talk about it.

The MUST PLAY list

Some people wield this list with fine precision, others handle it with a battle-ax. The thing that one should remember about this that the very special songs should be listed but should be limited to around 5 songs. Just think those 5 songs already occupy 20-25 minutes of playtime already and a wedding is limited to a typical 5-6 hours of complete time that goes awfully fast.

A must play list that goes over that makes it more difficult for the DJ to be able to read the crowd and weave in a perfect soundtrack for the day. So be very mindful of your absolutes.

The music preference form

If you have signed up with my DJ services, you’ll see I’ve put together a rating system so people can select the type of genres and decades of music they really refer to. This helps set the tempo throughout the night. If you rather 80s Pop or 90s R&B, or really do not want to hear Jazz, just rate it on the 1-5 star scale system.

Music Preference

PLAY IF POSSIBLE wedding songs

This is a great area to put in some songs that you would love to hear. Most of the time I should be able to accommodate your wedding songs into the set. The thing to remember most here is to find songs that can really set the tempo, to put something un-ordinary into the mix. The one thing you do not have to do is to put together four, five, or six hours of songs unless you really really want to.

Be mindful of Speciality YouTube and streaming songs

Couples will sometimes scour for some songs that might have special meaning, and in the process bump into a song that is only available on some social or streaming platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud or others. While some people do post some amazing songs up there the unfortunate reality is that a DJ cannot legally obtain these songs from these sources. Songs that you do pick must have a legal method to obtain. So be mindful of the songs you choose so you do not put yourself and the DJ in an awkward position of not being able to get a legal copy of that song. I dive into this topic deeper here.

Trusting the DJ

Something to not forget about is to trust the DJ. I have more than 25 years of experience and have faced a lot of crowds over the years. I will find similar wedding songs based on your requests, and to read the crowd to determine what many people want to hear. Let my knowledge be the guide to having an awesome night of entertainment.

Selecting wedding songs can be fun

In the end, selecting wedding songs can be a fun exercise or it could be one that makes you want to pull your hair out. Working with your DJ helps to move the process along smoothly.

Photo credit to Gavin Whitner (musicoomph)

DJ Lou Paris

Lou Paris has been DJing since 1988 and has a deep passion for music of all styles and genres and became a wedding DJ in 2012. Coincidentally, Lou is also a successful 25+ year IT professional and has merged many technology concepts to ensure a successful night of entertainment. Click here to learn more about Lou’s background or inquire about my DJ services.