A Spectacular Broadway Wedding At Senate Garage

Senate Garage, The Hudson Valley, Kingston NY

The Review

“It was during our first FaceTime meeting with DJ Lou, we both knew he was the one.  Whether it was the impressive mixes we found on his website, his retro Star Wars t-shirt he wore during our meeting, the stacks of vinyl lined up behind him, or his kind and approachable personality (probably all of the above), we knew that we had found someone special.  From the beginning to the end, Lou was there for us from every step of the way.  He not only quickly answered any questions we had about music leading up to our day, when it came to our wedding, thanks to Lou, it couldn’t have gone any smoother.

His sound equipment was incredible – you could hear our vows perfectly.  Through his expertise, our surprise musical performance was flawless.  And his phenomenal set touched upon every single genre of music we had asked for.  Our guests had huge smiles on their faces on and off the dance floor thanks to Lou.  Lou is a consummate professional and a gentleman.  We feel so lucky to have had him contribute music to our wedding and to now call him a friend.”

– Aimée and Sean

Originally sourced: The Knot

My Observations

There are just some rare couples out there, and then there is Aimée and Sean. A couple that I seriously can call friends. These two are some of the most thoughtful couples I’ve had in my career. And that is saying a lot since I’ve had a ton of remarkable couples.

But hell, they brought me pie, on our first major planning meeting. *chefs kiss*

Through this was one of the largest miced up ceremonies and receptions I had, never once did it ever seem crazy. It was this energy from everyone that you knew it would go smoothly from the start. This included a full on rendition of Stevie Wonder’s As for a live performance and everything in between.

This was just one of those unforgettable moments.

The Professionals

The R5L Weddings Reel

The Gig Log

8/31/2019 - Aimee & Sean - Big Microphone Ceremony & Reception!

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