Audi of Danbury

by | Apr 3, 2014 | Review

“[DJ Lou] is not just for wedding receptions. Earlier this year Danbury Audi was tasked with launching the all-new A3, with a unique set of criteria and very specific requirements for the launch party. I’ve known Lou for a long time so I knew he would be the right DJ for the job. Lou helped us, not only with music and general sound, he hooked us up with a lighting expert who brought in some high tech lighting, and between the pair they were able to set the right mood for our event. Additionally Lou was very responsive to our guests requests and to change the music from what was prescribed to what people actually wanted to hear. With events like this music can really set – or sour – the mood. [DJ Lou] was pitch perfect.

Originally sourced: Google

🏫 Location: Audi Danbury

🍴 Catering: Carl Anthony Restaurant