Lucy & Scott

When we were deciding on a DJ, we didn’t really know how to pick. Every one had the same website, with the same songs, and the same services offered. But Lou offers much, MUCH more.

Lou doesn’t just offer great DJing. Lou offers a wedding EXPERIENCE. He not only helped us pick our songs and gave us advice on the wedding planning process, he also helped us block out the reception and made us think about details we never even THOUGHT of (such as micing up the officiant during the wedding ceremony).

As for the DJing itself: again, you’re not just getting “man and an iPod”. Lou seamlessly transitioned between songs, fading in and out so that the party never stopped moving. He also was constantly remotely checking the volume levels of speakers throughout the venue, so that those on the dance floor could keep the party going while those in the surrounding tables could actually HEAR each other talk.

Lou was most definitely one of the best, if not THE best choice we made for our wedding. Highly recommended.

Originally sourced: Facebook

🏫 Venue: Senate Garage

📷 Photography: Keith Ferris Photo

🎻 Live Band: Romanza Music

🍴 Catering: Bridge Creek Catering

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